CJG AFRICA (PTY) LTD                                                             Aviation and Infrastructure Supplier  


Global Aircraft Leasing and Contracts


· Aircraft Management

o  Aircraft Owner Representation 

    (Aircraft Management Company)

o  Lease Contract Documentation

o  Lease Management

o  Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection Service

o  Financial Handling for Lease Term

o  Lease/ Client Sourcing


· Leasing Company

o  Aircraft Provision

o  Lease Contract Drafting

o  Payment Schedules

o  Negotiations

o  Avionic Requirement Installation

o  Aircraft Configuration Requirements

o  Maintenance & Breakdown Repairs

o  Ferry Flights

o  Fund Management

Contract Management/Operations:

· Aircraft Management

o  Aircraft Owner Representation

o  Lease Agreements


· Contract Company

o  Complete Aircraft Solutions

o  Multi Roll / Purpose Functions to suit client

o  Flexible contracts to meet all requirements

o  Global support, including conflict areas

o  Fixed Base Operations at contract site and South Africa

o  Crew HR, Accommodation, Travel

o  Aircraft Maintenance

o  Aircraft Ferry